About Us and Acknowledgements

This project is a collaboration between some concerned citizens and a dedicated, receptive set of civil servants. Our team is donating 100% of our time to the project and the cause. We are not hoarding materials or information. We hope you won’t either. There isn’t a GoFundMe page. We just wanted to help.

Rich, Karl, Swis, Chris K, Chris Y, Lynn Y, Charlotte, Bill, Brian, Eleanor, Will, Raymond, Amanda, Kelly, Daniel, Sebastion, Asif and Mike all played vital roles.

Rich, Karl and Swis started all this. Rich is a physical therapist and builder extraordinaire who did all the hands-on work for version 1. Karl is an ocean chemist at Texas A&M, and he made sure Rich was on solid ground. Swis is an ER doc that provided inspiration and practical guidance throughout. Chris Y is a social scientist that helped with designs, construction, and outreach. Lynn Y built the website. Eleanor pitched in at some important times, and Sophie, Max, Julie and Pete helped keep us going.

It would be an understatement to say we are impressed by our local fire department, the Columbia Richland Fire Rescue. Their dedication and cooperation combined with their willingness to openly share all of their resources publicly deserves everyone’s appreciation. Battalion Chief William Broscious got onboard as soon as Assistant Chief of Operations Chris Kip brought it to his attention. They brought in Jamie Helms, Assistant Chief of Professional Services, whose support is much appreciated. The support of Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins ensured it all went into practice.

Prof. Asif Khan from the Univ of South Carolina’s Dept of Electrical Engineering Photonics and Microelectronics Laboratory provided access to the radiometer needed to test our devices. Dr. Mike Gaevski made sure we were using it correctly.

We thank Diamond Pet Foods for generously covering the costs of materials incurred in developing this device and delivering it to the fire department.